Safely Return to Work after COVID 19 with Visitor Management Solutions

Safely Return to Work after COVID 19 with Visitor Management Solutions

The last few years have caused many unusual challenges and modifications to all businesses. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations across industries including healthcare, higher education, and law enforcement promptly began to feel its impact. Now that everyone is attempting to cope with the pandemic and re-open and remain open safely, upgrading visitor management systems to digital VMS (Visitor Management Solutions) appears as the most appropriate step. However, you can’t just use any VMS available in the market. A visitor management system with the facility to manage your visitors, contractors, and events from one centralized location is what you need. In a word, a Cloud-Based Visitor Management Software. 

COVID-19 Regulations and Guidelines for Re-Opening

Businesses are required to follow the general CDC Reopening Guidance and CDC’s Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility guidance, along with industry-specific regulations such as those imposed by the American Hotel & Lodging Association and the OSHA COVID-19 Control and Prevention for Healthcare Workers and Employees, among others in the United States.

Some of the most common changes that happened were:

  1. Restricting entryways to their premises to efficiently track and screen those who entered.
  2. Demanding the use of PPE such as masks and gloves.
  3. Adding sanitation stations throughout their facilities.

But health screenings were conducted by existing employees who would either volunteer or take turns to screen other employees, guests, or patients. Some offices executed daily check-in surveys where employees are compelled to log any symptoms and whether they have been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. 

However, it is not enough and not risk-free. Also, there are security measures that are required to perform. Therefore, Digital Visitor Management solutions are now the first line of defense for all organizations.  

Post-Pandemic World Demands

To assist global organizations in returning to work safely and preparing for a workplace post-pandemic, we need all new pandemic-proof features. The requirements are as such:

1) A technology with automation features to help in the times of a pandemic. 

2) Permitting/preventing access to specified areas in a premise. 

3) Documenting arrival, presence, and departure of people on the premises and taking actions accordingly. 

4) Improving workplace fitness and safety. 

5) Implementing touchless access solutions to promote minimal contact between people and surfaces. 

6) To prepare for the unwary circumstances in the future.

“Businesses that are returning to work have the utmost responsibility to ensure the health and safety of employees by having all visitors go through a screening process that includes COVID-related health questions, temperature detection, contactless workflows, and visitor self-sign-in workflows to limit interaction with employees. In addition, many companies will require advanced visitor pre-registration so they can preauthorize, pre-screen and schedule who’s going to be onsite at any given time. This way, when the visitor shows up, they are fully vetted and authorized.” 

Debbie Pendleton, COO of STOPware

In the future, a more complex working station will be born.

“In the future, hybrid/flexible work schedules will be more focused, and it will increase the use of contingent employees or contracts. That is to say, there will no longer be a critical mass of ‘known’ or ‘safe’ individuals but rather a shifting group that has a variety of schedules. As a result, physical security will require a zero-trust approach where everyone is a visitor and needs to be handled as a risk.”

Roger Lall, VP of Product Marketing at Traction Guest

Visitor management systems were a topic of interest but not a necessity before the COVID-19 pandemic. But now, the needs and the guidelines have driven an enormous demand for enterprise-class visitor management systems that can accommodate government regulations. 

The Upcoming New Normal with Visitor Management Solutions

Visitor management systems like EVRM are now providing a touchless sign-in facility. Organizations can now ask visitors questions about their health, travel, and possible exposure to COVID-19. With EVRM, guests can confirm their responses with a signature. In addition, the pre-registration feature can inform and update visitors about the procedures for arrival, health check, distancing, and vice versa.

Here are some vital integrations and features that the new normal will come with:

People Counting and Location

In a security incident, threat, evacuation, or disaster, the organization will know which visitors are on-premises. A digital timestamp will be recorded when the person departs the property.

Data Analysis

Visitor management databases will allow organizations to analyze their accumulated data, including usual times of arrival and departure, frequent guests and hosts, and average time spent in specific areas on site. In addition, it will enable adequate allocation of resources such as security officers and receptionists.

Watchlists and Database Search

An organization may have banned somebody from its facilities or be cautious about certain guests. For example, a John Smith from the long list of sexual predators becomes your visitor. In that case, you will not require a significant amount of time to compare and eliminate John Smith from being the one on the list with Visitor Management Solutions like EVRM. 

Substantial customization

Visitor management solutions are now highly customized to accommodate various post-pandemic needs. In addition, visitor management tools will provide no-code customization inclinations to officials to support unknown future requirements.

Desking and capacity alert

VMS will ensure people are kept apart by a safe distance with this feature. Managers will decide which desks/meeting rooms to reserve based on the capacity and social distancing guidelines. They will be able to easily manage desk/meeting room availability using the meeting room kiosk. As a result, it will allow everyone in the office to safely maintain a space without fears of overcrowding or cross-contamination due to a lack of space.

Pre-registered Visitors

Using visitor management systems, visitors will be able to pre-register for specific dates and times. This feature will provide repeat visitors with a smooth sign-in process.

Ease of Use

The system will be easy to use for the users and easy to use for the officials. The visitor management will come with a decent and intuitive user interface and an all-in-one dashboard to control all of it from one place.

Touchless Sign-in

Businesses will install visitor management systems that will provide a touchless sign-in experience for the visitors and the staff by using apps or scannable QR codes. Hence visitors will be able to check in using their smartphone rather than touch a publicly accessible screen or kiosk.

Photo Capture

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. With the visitor management solution’s photo capture feature, Visitors will be identified easily. Photos can also help in contact tracing and other investigations.

Badge Printing

Kiosk will take a picture of the visitor while signing up and print a visitor badge with the person’s name and the host. Badges will ensure that the staff knows where and when an unknown person is roaming around the premises.

Employee Notification & Visitor Alert Notification

The host staff member will be alerted to a visitor’s arrival via email, phone call, or text. A visitor management system will offer multiple notification systems. Such as an announcement email or text notification from the authority on a fire emergency and evacuation process.


Personally identifiable information will always be protected by a Patchwork of Laws and Regulations, including the European General Data Protection Regulation, the Philippines Data Privacy Act of 2012, Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, various U.S. federal laws(e.g., HIPAA, GLBA, FCRA, ECPA) and U.S. state and local laws, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act. Protection of visitors’ data is supposed to fall under at least one regulative system. Hence, the visitor management system will be following it.


For some time now, businesses worldwide have sought new ways to adapt and invest in solutions to help employees return to work safely. Visitor management systems have become one of their primary funded products. VMS can assist employees with not only returning to work but also safely bringing guests and colleagues onto worksites. Not to mention, end-user entities in distinct vertical markets such as insurance, real estate, banking, heavy manufacturing, retail, transportation, hospitals, and government can significantly benefit from visitor management systems post-pandemic.

Future is here. If you have a doubt, check EVRM to find out.

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