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Manage Your Visitor, Meeting Room, and Employee Sign-in/out (All in One!) with Electronic Visitor and Resource Management – EVRM

Electronic Visitor and Resource Management (EVRM)

Visitor Management

Welcome your visitors by scanning a secure QR code or signing-in using kiosk and connect them with their host through email.

Meeting Room Booking

Find an available meeting room, book the room and confirm your & your colleague's presence by checking in with EVRM.

Employee Management

Allow employees in-house and remote sign-in/out, manage employee roster, and acquire daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Key Features

Touchless Visitor Sign-in/out

Wondering how EVRM can be a hygienic, contactless way to register visitors at your workplace?

Your guests only have to scan the QR code presented on the tablet home screen or the printed notice using their smartphone to sign-in without touching the tablet screen. With Touchless Sign-in, guests will perform all the kiosk activities straight from their smartphone.

  • Secure & Touchless Sign-in for Guests with Complete Sign-in Experience.
  • Sign-in/out without a Tablet.
  • Messages, Signing NDA's, and Policies via Visitor's Smartphone.

Employee Sign-in & Roster Management

EVRM provides an employee roster management solution along with visitor and meeting room management solutions in one place. We aim to save your time, reduce labor costs, enhance staff satisfaction, and ensure everything is covered.

Did you just think about taking your whole business online? Interesting, right?

  • Simple sign-in by scanning the dedicated QR code provided to each employee.
  • Quick roster planning by easily assigning shifts (work from home/work from the office) and access daily, weekly, and monthly working hour reports.
  • Easy access to the roster from employee's dashboard, while you can track staff availability, overtime, breaks, and get alerted to roster conflicts.

Meeting Room Booking

Without proper oversight and management, meeting rooms might be unavailable or poorly utilized, creating greater workforce disruptions.

EVRM creates a centralized meeting room booking system. You book a meeting room using EVRM for a specific time, you send joining invitations to other employees, and that's it. Just a heads up, do start the meeting on EVRM to let others know that a meeting is ongoing.

  • Email confirmation, cancelation, and rescheduling options.
  • Real-time availability and next availability metrics.
  • Invite other employees to join the meeting.

Visitor Screening

COVID-19 has been declared as an international concern by WHO and has affected everyone and everything worldwide. You need to ensure that a safety plan is in place to continue working at your workplace. Don't worry; EVRM can help you to achieve that.

EVRM visitor screening will ask the visitor a few yes/no questions on your behalf to determine if they are a safety risk to your business. You can choose the questions as per your concerns. EVRM will warn you if a high-risk person enters the premises so that you can prepare accordingly. If you are not willing to take any risk or the risk exceeds your risk limit, you can always deny entry of that visitor.

  • Custom visitor screening process.
  • Instant high-risk alert system.
  • COVID-19 agreement signing.

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  • Unlimited Tablets
  • 50 Visitors/month
  • 1 Location
  • 3 Employees
  • 1 Meeting Room
  • All Features
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  • Unlimited Tablets
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Multiple Locations
  • 50 Employees
  • 10 Meeting Rooms
  • All Features
$ 20.00 AUD/Month/Location
$ 15.00 AUD/Month/Location
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  • Unlimited Tablets
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Multiple Locations
  • 250 Employees
  • 15 Meeting Rooms
  • All Features
$ 27.00 AUD/Month/Location
$ 22.00 AUD/Month/Location
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  • Unlimited Tablets
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Multiple Locations
  • 500 Employees
  • 20 Meeting Rooms
  • All Features
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$ 30.00 AUD/Month/Location
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