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Visitor Management

Touchless Sign-in

A hygienic, contactless way to register visitors at your workplace. Visitors can complete their check-in process through any smartphone and any browser by only scanning a QR code.

Pre-registered Visitors

Stay notified of your upcoming visits by inviting a person or a group

Visitor Screening

The screening will warn you if a high-risk person enters the premises or deny entry


All the visitors will get an announcement notification from the authority at any time about anything

Tablet Sign-in/out

Sign In, Sign Out, Signing terms and conditions, Visitor Screening, Visitor Badge Printing, and more.

Email Notifications

Receive every visiting or meeting room invitation, visitor alert, etc.

Visitor Badge Printing

Kiosk will take a picture of the visitor while signing up and print a visitor badge

QR Code Sign-in/out

Each Visitor will get their personal QR code upon registration. After that, visitors will be able to sign-in/out only by scanning them in the kiosk.

Digital Signature

Visitors can sign the terms & conditions or safety agreements by digitally putting a signature on the tablet

Visitor Terms & Conditions

Visitors have to sign visitor policies and NDAs before entering your workplace

Meeting Room Booking

Real Time Availability Check

Check the Meeting Room availability through the employee's personal EVRM dashboard in real-time.

No Meeting Room Conflicts

Never worry about your office chores because EVRM has covered the vital one - The Meeting Room. No conflicto!

Invite other Employees

Schedule your meeting and then invite your colleagues to join you on time. All of them will receive an Email notification and the details of the meeting.

Walk-in Booking

Book your meeting directly from the meeting room kiosk and walk into the meeting room

Simple Controlling

Get an Email confirmation after a meeting room booking. Cancel or reschedule easily from your EVRM personal dashboard.

Employee Management

Employee Sign-in/out

Employees can sign-in/out simply by scanning their dedicated QR code on the kiosk

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Reports

Collect reports of your employees from the dashboard to utilize EVRM's employee management features best

Out-of-Office Sign-in/out

With EVRM's smart management and remote sign-in features, your employees can now manually sign-in/out from their dashboard when assigned work out-of-office.

Employee Roster Management

Manage your employees by assigning them to managers and allocating them working places (office/out-of-office)

Special Features

Unlimited Kiosk/Tablets

Your Visitors & Employees can sign-in/out from any end because you can now use as many tablets/kiosks as you want within your premises.

Single Dashboard

Control and manage all the features of EVRM and all the locations and offices from a single creatively designed interactive dashboard.

Multiple Locations

Install EVRM on all of your offices and branches at any place through one account.


Customize the screen of your the tablet (kiosk), policies, visitor screening questions and EVRM dashboard.

Unlimited Visitors

Impress all of your visitors with a modern-day Visitor Management System and a tech-savvy office environment. There's no limit on the number of visitors you can welcome.


Complete EVRM system is cloud-based. It means you can access each EVRM feature from any place, any device, and any browser. No app or extra hardware is needed. Not even for data storage.

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