Introduction to EVRM Visitor Controls

Introduction to EVRM Visitor Controls

Visitor Logs

  • Visitor logs will show you the visitors’ information that they provided via kiosk or pre-registration.
  • It will only show the data after the entry of a visitor.
  • You can see the host’s name, entry time, outgoing time and vice versa.
  • Admin can manually sign visitors out from here.
  • Selected visitor data can be exported from here.

Visitor Invites

  • Visitor invites lets you invite a new visitor by pre-registering them on EVRM.
  • The invites section will provide you the opportunity to view the pre-invited visitor’s data as well as the button that will take you to the visitor invitation form.
  • Pre-registered visitors will be able to enter the premises only by scanning a QR code. This is considered one of the Touchless Visitor Management features as promised.

Visitor GDPR

  • EVRM protects the visitor’s data according to the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • GDPR section is the way to compile with visitor privacy.
  • Admin can delete all the data of a visitor who doesn’t wish their data to be stored with just one click from here.

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