Introduction to EVRM Employee Directory

Introduction to EVRM Employee Directory

Get introduced to EVRM employee controls to manage your employees with ease. With EVRM, employees can sign-in more efficiently while enhancing employees’ security. EVRM electronically logs information about employees and can manage employee roster with proper commands.


  • The Employee section lets you create an employee.
  • You can input, edit or delete the details of an employee.
  • You can directly import employee details from a .csv file.
  • You can view the details of every employee from here and update it.
  • The employee restrictions depend on the purchased package.
  • Both manual and automatic employee input is possible.

Employee Log

  • Employee log provides the employees’ daily or latest sign-in/out information.
  • The admin can manually sign an employee out from here.
  • The admin can export the latest sign-in/out information of any employee or all employees for a definite time from here.

Manage Employee

  • Manage employee section lets the admin manage anyone with the role “managers”.
  • The admin can assign staff(s) under managers from here.
  • The admin can manage any manager’s roster from here.
  • The managers list can be exported from here.

Employee Roster

  • Employee Roster lets the admin assign roster schedules to the non-manager staff.
  • You can filter the staff according to the manager.
  • The admin can export staff details according to the manager from here.
  • The staff list who are still not assigned to a manager can be found here.

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