Introduction to EVRM Billing Menu

Introduction to EVRM Billing Menu

Easily manage your billing to EVRM and efficiently manage your EVRM account. With EVRM billing, you can purchase EVRM features securely.


  • Billing section is to pay for the whole account package.
  • The admin can pay for their current package at the end of their subscription.
  • The admin can pay advance for their subscription.
  • The billing menu can only be used to pay for the existing location. To purchase a new location and pay for it, please click on the location increase menu.

Location Increase

  • Location increase section lets the user pay for newly bought location(s) anytime in the subscription period.
  • The admin can add new locations from here only.
  • After purchasing a location, the admin can pay for that location along with the other existing locations from the billing menu.
  • The new location can be bought at any time of the user’s current subscription period.
  • The user will only pay for their remaining subscription period when purchasing a new location from the location increase. This ensures that users can pay for all locations at once while renewing their subscription.

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