How to give your visitors an excellent first impression with Visitor Management System

How to give your visitors an excellent first impression with Visitor Management System

You only get one opportunity to make a first impression. 

Your approach to managing visitors is a real indication of your interest in providing a positive on-site experience. The visitors’ on-site experience plays a crucial role in developing their first impressions of your organization. Now it’s up to you how you want to offer memorable and unique experiences to your visitors. (Spoiler Alert! Visitor Management System is the best tool to accomplish that.)

Well, Congrats! You are in luck. We have something that will help you. Let me introduce you to the Visitor Management System

If you are sure about making conscious efforts to ensure your premises, data, employees, and visitors’ security and safety, then you should try the cloud-based visitor management system because it has the latest, best, and cost-effective features. 


What is Visitor Management Software?

Visitor Management software electronically observes and logs information about visitors and employees of an office or public building. With visitor management systems, visitors can sign-in more efficiently while enhancing both visitors’ and employees’ security. The VMS can be deployed on either a tablet or self-service kiosk. 


What features do you need from the Visitor Management System to provide an excellent first impression to your visitors?

Honestly, there are numerous visitor management service providers on the internet, but you should always choose the one with the All in One approach to achieve your business goals.


Pre-Registered Visitors

If a visitor is pre-registered, it will efficiently lessen their check-in time from a 1-2 minute process down to a couple of seconds. That means a secure and straightforward visitor sign-in. It is most beneficial for organizations that routinely host events or conferences on-site. A simple QR code scan for sign-in will definitely make your visitors’ first impression as great as heaven.


Visitors ID Badges

How about identifying your visitors while they are roaming around your office? Maybe your employees will be sure to show off and make a great first impression.

So, provide your guests a unique visitor ID badge that distinguishes them as a guest. It will also make sure that your business is not vulnerable to threats coming on-without being identified. You will be happy to know that it is against regulations and security requirements to let visitors roam on-site without an ID badge in some industries. Therefore, install a Visitor Management service that provides this feature and ensures your safety.


Group Check-Ins

Why worry about the instant guest check-in when you can always pre-register your visitors? 

If you have a group coming into the premises, it may take unnecessary time-consuming extra work for their check-in. Therefore, install a Digital Visitor Management solution and pre-register your guests before their arrival on-site. Luckily with EVRM, your guests only have to scan the QR code they received through Email and complete their check-in. 


Instant Host Notification

The Visitor Management system should notify the hosts whenever a visitor performs their check-in process. Notifications can be sent as an Email, Push Notifications, etc. Once reported, hosts can come to the reception or waiting room for visitor collection. It will be a perfect feature to reduce visitor waiting time and improve your company’s first impression.



Your company obviously wants to exhibit your brand logos and preferred color schemes into the Visitor Management system for a unique first impression. It means there can be no compromise with the User Interface (UI). Also, there should be a significant level of attention given to the User Experiences (UX).


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), if any visitor wants to view a record of all the data stored associating with them or wishes for the data mentioned above to be removed, the organization has to act accordingly on the request. Visitor data includes their names, email addresses, contact numbers, and legally binding NDA’s.

We understand that the task of managing visitor check-ins is already troublesome. An obligation to record this data efficiently and securely makes the job more challenging. You can find the visitor data by inserting any data field elements or data entry date. You can then decide to delete or anonymize the data. Also, Digital Visitor Management solutions allow fixed data capturing workflows and data protection protocols. It will make your and your guest’s check-in process more efficient, secure, and productive.


Digital Signature

NDA’s, legal forms, and other form signing are presented as a vital element for many companies, especially the Europeans. Visitors have to sign the documents before being granted access. Thus, the need for the digital signature feature. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic situation has introduced a new feature named Visitor Screening, which requires answering particular health questions and signing the safety agreement.


Achieve Health, Safety, and Legal Compliance

As we all know that unique regulatory frameworks direct every industry. Therefore, businesses need to embrace solutions that provide possibilities to digitally display and obtain critical information before letting visitors complete their check-in. In some cases, the signing of forms or agreements must provide an audit trail for compliance audits and internal investigations. Especially, times like the COVID-19 pandemic, visitor screening is a vital feature to be added.


Global Scalability 

We understand how small and medium enterprises can function better with a Visitor Management service. Still, there are not many providers in the market who can serve the bigger enterprises. It refers to the lack of adaptability required to help businesses that are global in size. Hence, for the sake of your future, select a Visitor Management solution with centralized database functions, remote system management, and agile scalability abilities. Preferably a web-based Visitor Management solution.



You can now reinforce your branding in the Visitor Management solution’s front-end by customizing the display with company colors, logos, and design to match brand guidelines. These are some fascinating features available to companies that wish to integrate a Visitor Management solution thoroughly. 


Unique Experiences

You now have a tech-savvy culture, and people get dazzled by companies that utilize technology in new and innovative ways. A visitor management system provides the same opportunity by intensifying your facility visits for your clients and other valuable stakeholders. Now your visitors don’t have to get confused or mixed-up within your facility, and importantly, waiting times for guests are over. Steadily greet your visitors from start to finish.


What are you getting from the Visitor Management System Features?

With Visitor Management solutions, your visitors and other guests can register, produce badges, sign agreements, and alert hosts automatically while reducing the check-in times. Additionally, you can pre-register your visitors for events, conferences, large meetings, etc. Finally, it will be a helping hand for your office to greet high volumes of visitors thoroughly and competently while making a great first impression. Let’s look at the things you are getting by installing a visitor management system in your office. 


Exceptional Security Measures

We understand you being concerned about your security. When security personnel is high in demand, it is crucial to account for each visitor on-site. If you are thinking about protecting property, data, and, most importantly, employees, the Visitor Management system can be your helping hand. You will have full control over deciding who enters your premises because it denies entry to those guests who do not qualify for a clearance. As mostly cloud-based software, you don’t have to worry about storing the data and the data’s security either. 

If your company faces an occurrence on-site, a Visitor Management system can return to records on the date in question. You will be able to check if the visitor was in-fact on-site and if the incident occurred at the location reported. The date and time are not a matter for the Visitor Management system because it can verify the report of any time and any place at any moment.  


Inclusive Insights

You must have heard about Big Data Analytics. Did you ever wonder how it can benefit your business? And how does the Visitor Management System help you with it?

Businesses utilize the trend in big data analytics to identify patterns that can be used to expand and strengthen their business actions. You will be pleased to know that visitor management systems can help you with that by providing a detailed report about your visitors at any time. After that, you are free to use the big data analytics principles to suggest insights that can optimize safety plans and improve your impression of the visitor. Additionally, you can propose insights into the different visitors and employee activities at your company. 


Centralized Security Management 

It is really important! If, by any chance, you are considering using a visitor management system as an extra hassle, then it is for you. We know that you require a system that can offer centralized control with fluctuations across various departments and offices. The Electronic Visitor Management System provides uniformity of security and operational procedures across multiple sites and geographical locations. It also means your management can oversee security operations from a central and single dashboard or platform.


No Impact on Environment

If you think about your old visitor management procedures, you will eventually understand that it was tough, nearly impossible, to maintain GDPR-compliant reception. With an over-dependence on paper-based reporting, traditional approaches demand hours of administrative labor and large amounts of paper to ensure third-party data is stored, indexed, and secured safely.

However, the Modern Visitor Management solution eliminates the dependence on paper because visitors’ information is stored, indexed, and safely secured automatically in the back-office. No worry about the GDPR because all the data are one click away from you.


Reduced Waiting Times

All your visitor has to do is complete the check-in process correctly, and they will be instantly connected with their host. With immediate host notifications, it won’t take time for the host to come. Finally, they will be united without very long waiting periods. Your hosts can also stay informed and communicate with their visitors via rich media such as; text, Email, etc.


Save Time and Money

It takes roughly 25 minutes (23 minutes and 15 seconds, to be exact) to return from a diversion after an interruption. – Gloria Mark, University of California, Irvine.

Placing this study into perspective, if an office receptionist interacts with only five guests per day, it approximately translates to 2.5 hours of visitor management. With 25 visitors a day, it averages more than 1.5 days of the dissipated time a week. If you maintain any traditional visitor management method, you are losing a lot of money to maintain and including additional hassle. 



It takes three seconds for someone to judge you. Therefore, your impression depends on your appearance, demeanor, and mannerisms. The first impressions are nearly impossible to reverse or undo. So, if you want your business to create a good impression on your customers, in that case, the amount of sound reception and professionalism you and your employees present will take you a long way. Hence, you should utilize the Visitor Management system to give your visitors an excellent first impression. Remember, the news travels faster than wind nowadays, and both negative and positive can hugely influence your business. Therefore, with the Visitor Management System features, make your visitors feel comfortable, welcomed, and provide them a pleasant experience.


Still not sure about which Visitor Management service provider to choose??

Try Electronic Visitor and Resource Management (EVRM) today and utilize all the special features for you and your business to manage your front desk. Good luck, and use your saved time for the best interest of your business.

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